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Insider Threat Protection

Uncover hidden risks in time to act.


An unprecedented amount of publicly available data sources

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The Situation

Are you confident that your existing procedures are enough?

Incidents of insider threat activity are on the rise – and whether it’s malicious or accidental, the costs are real and significant.

The Challenge

Insider threats do not discriminate, permeating all industries and corporations of all sizes. Making matters more difficult, the recent paradigm shift to a virtual workforce has created an even more vulnerable environment. The majority of threats result from employee negligence, with workers sharing confidential information over insecure infrastructure. Regardless of whether the insider threat is malicious or accidental, either type of threat can cause significant monetary and reputational loss. Malicious insider threats, while fewer in number, can compromise national security as well as create financially damaging impacts to private organizations.

The Babel Street Solution

We enable organizations to keep watch around the world 24/7/365 to uncover any potential insider threat risks. Babel Street’s analytics platform offers an AI-enabled cross-lingual, persistent search of thousands of global and regional publicly available information (PAI) sources in over 200 languages to rapidly discover and decipher insights on potential indicators of malicious behavior or insider threats. Machine learning algorithms constantly monitor social media, the deep and dark web, and message boards for the likelihood of any threat. These insights are automatically translated into your native language and presented on a single pane of glass for analysis, and rapid response.

The Impact on Your Organization

Constant vigilance acts as an early warning system to identify suspicious activity and allows for the best security countermeasures to guard against future insider threats. This proactive layer of critical intelligence helps you protect what matters most and stay focused squarely on your organizational mission.

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The Babel Street Difference

Preventing insider threats requires the best technology on the market

  • Multi-Language Smart Search

    Discover and retrieve relevant documents across hundreds of languages, gaining effortless contextual translation into your native language

  • Data Enrichment at Scale

    Language detection, location extraction, sentiment, topic classification, violent intent detection, and ontological entity identification

  • Persons of Interest (POIs) & Groups of Interest (GOIs)

    Gain greater understanding of specific individuals or groups of bad actors, linkages and networks, illicit activity, and more

  • Deduped Data

    Removes redundancy for streamlined efficiency during analysis

  • AI and ML-Enabled Technologies

    Process millions of documents a day for near real-time indexing and search

  • Ad Tech Telemetry Data

    Locate and track POIs/GOIs to increase geographical understanding around movements

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