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Know more. Risk Less.

Empowering decision advantage to close the Risk-Confidence Gap

Babel Street empowers decision advantage for identity, threat, and operations intelligence by providing advanced AI, data, and analytics solutions that enhance decision-making confidence.

Why Babel Street

Data-driven decision making with AI

Babel Street provides multilingual analysis-ready data, high-speed automation, and API-based integration that turns structured and unstructured data into decision-making power.

Predictive Security Predictive Security

Threat Intelligence

Stay ahead of dangers with intelligent extraction and prioritization of insights from comprehensive publicly and commercially available information.

Risk Mitigation Risk Mitigation

Identity Intelligence

Reduce uncertainty around identity operations. Uncover threats while ensuring security, compliance, and trust in data.

Unmatched AI Unmatched AI

Operations Intelligence

Tap the power of AI to transform vast amounts of data into actionable insights. Gain visibility to support your supply chain, regional market strategies, and competitive landscape.

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What is the Risk-Confidence Gap?

The Risk-Confidence Gap is the growing challenge of analyzing risk in an era of overwhelming data, complex regulations, and rapidly evolving threats. 

Babel Street’s data analytics platform addresses the Risk-Confidence Gap

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The Babel Street Ecosystem

Start closing the Risk-Confidence Gap

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Leading organizations count on Babel Street to minimize risks, maximize performance, and make confident decisions.

Multi lingual Multilingual Understanding

Break down language barriers with our AI-powered smart search, delivering relevant results across diverse languages and cultures.

Automation End-to-End Automation

Augment your team’s capabilities through automation and dramatically increase your ability to drive consistent analysis 24/7.

Source access Unprecedented Source Access

Unlock the vast potential of PAI and CAI data with effortless access to the most comprehensive range of sources across the digital universe.

Powerful apis Powerful APIs

Process text, match names, and analyze data with the rich functionality of APIs that are seamlessly interoperable with existing systems.

Stewardship Principled Data Stewardship

Make confident decisions reinforced by a focus on principled data stewardship to support trusted and complex environments.

Experience Best-in-Class Experience

Drive success backed by decades of experience with the Fortune 5000, national security and defense agencies, and commercial enterprises around the world.

By the Numbers

Supercharged Speed to Insights



Analysis-ready data objects



Daily watchlist & sanction checks


Language combinations

Accurately identified and processed



Sourcing data from primary and emerging markets

By the numbers By the Numbers

Supercharged Speed to Insights

The volume, velocity, and variety of growing publicly and commercially available information (PAI/CAI) is massive, and threats are multiplying. Babel Street provides the most extensive, relevant reach combined with AI and natural language processing to empower our customers to stay ahead of threats and risks.

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