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Name Match

Reduce Risk & False Positives with Fast, Accurate Name Matching

Babel Street Name Match is an AI-driven fuzzy name matching solution that seamlessly integrates to accurately screen names and reduce false positives.

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What Sets Us Apart

Unlock the power of global name matching

With Name Match, you get accurate name screening that ensures high quality matching in native languages, reduces total cost of ownership for name matching software, and uses AI to intelligently adapt to novel names.

Check Patented Two-Pass Approach

Advanced fuzzy name matching algorithms quickly shortlist likely match candidates, then re-evaluate and score the query name against each candidate with pre-trained AI.

Automation Reduce False Positives

Increase productivity by automating workflows and reducing manual remediation of false positives.

Powerful apis Real-Time Response; Infinitely Scalable

Advanced algorithms enable unlimited scalability while providing lightning-fast results, even over massive data sets.

Multi lingual Cross-lingual Name Matching

Name Match works across different scripts and languages, accounting for numerous linguistic, cultural, and contextual factors — without compromising performance.

Stewardship Match Person Names, Organizations, Addresses, Dates, and More

Leverage all available identifying data to receive a match score when comparing person names, organization names, addresses, and dates.

Experience Customize and Understand Match Results

Easily configure match parameters to conform with policies and requirements. Explainable AI reveals how Name Match arrives at match confidence scores.

Top Reasons Customers Choose Babel Street Name Match

  • Checkmark svg Out-of-the-box accuracy across global languages
  • Checkmark svg Tunable matching behavior to maximize accuracy
  • Checkmark svg Ensemble of advanced technologies including AI
  • Checkmark svg Flexible integration options — on-premises and cloud — including air-gapped systems
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Product Features

Purpose-Built for Name Matching

Cross-lingual Name Matching Software

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Matches names of people and organizations, as well as dates and addresses written in 24+ different languages and their native scripts, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Urdu.

Explainable AI and Consistent Match Scores

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Explains the differences between two names that contributed to the match confidence score (from 0 to 100%). Use automated workflows for matches above and below a threshold score, with only a narrow range between two thresholds for human review.

User-Friendly Interface

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Match Studio, a user-friendly administrative interface, shows the explanations for the match score and enables non-technical, domain experts to see the effect of parameter changes in real time on match scores. Through Match Studio, users can modify match behavior to optimize accuracy for their data profile or risk policy, such as reducing the penalty for a missing name component or giving greater weight to a name than a date of birth.

Intelligent Record Matching

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Name Match applies AI and specialized techniques to intelligently match personal names but also:

  • Organization/company names - leveraging semantic similarity to match terms like “Building” and “Construction”
  • Postal addresses - using AI for field identification and extraction (street, city, country) and incorporating semantic understanding of postal codes
  • Dates – balancing between textual and temporal information 

Flexible Licensing and Deployment

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Name Match is priced and licensed based on the number of transactions and index size, so customers only pay for what they need. Deployment options include a RESTful API via cloud or on-premises (server or Java SDK), and integration through a plugin mechanism for Elasticsearch.

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Reduction in false positives reported by customers



Names on lists that can be screened against in real time



Lives saved by helping to thwart a liquid bomb plot



Daily watchlist checks

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How will you use Babel Street Name Match?

Discuss your name matching requirements with one of our experts.
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