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Continuous Evaluation

Mitigate national security risks through early detection.



Insider threats remain one of the top threats facing our nation given the rise in indictments, arrests, convictions of security clearance holders, and theft of intellectual property and trade secrets.


Loss of classified information, acts of physical violence, and espionage all pose threats to national security as well as the security of allies.


Continuous evaluation and continuous vetting of individuals has emerged as the key to security clearance reform and is also highly valuable to any program seeking to determine eligibility or continued eligibility.


Our Solution

Babel Street’s analytics platform enables a repeatable process for conducting automated background checks by enriching customer data with near real-time identification of adverse information and internal or external threats.

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Babel Street empowers teams with actionable insights to streamline continuous evaluation to mitigate national security risks through early detection.

  • Red flags
  • Violent threats
  • Derogatories
  • Associations with known criminal or terrorist organizations
  • Insider threats
  • Illicit drugs
  • Undeclared travel

Mission Impact

Continuous evaluation and entity resolution mitigates national security risks through early detection, ultimately safeguarding nations from harm.