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Criminal Investigations

Accelerate entity resolution to jumpstart investigations.



Law enforcement agencies have different missions and investigate different types of criminal activity – from economic crimes to assaults and homicide to drug trafficking.


All investigations have one common denominator – the need for entity resolution to identify and track down persons of interest, witnesses, relationships – ultimately, to quickly make the unknown become known.


Criminal investigations may be extremely time sensitive in order to prevent further harm that may compromise an individual, a facility, or a community.


Our Solution

Babel Street’s analytics platform offers an AI-enabled cross-lingual, persistent search of thousands of global and regional PAI sources around the world in over 200 languages to rapidly discover and decipher insights on possible victims, identify witnesses, persons or companies of interest as well as reveal unknown connections. 

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Babel Street empowers teams with actionable insights to accelerate entity resolution and jumpstart investigations – potentially leading to solved cases.

  • Entity resolution
  • Credible leads
  • Persons of interest (POIs)
  • Groups of interest (GOIs)
  • Company information
  • Location
  • Confirmation
  • Timelines
  • Relationships/connections/networks visualization
  • Threat management

Mission Impact

Criminal investigations seek the truth to mitigate further harm, ensure justice is served, and citizens are protected.