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Babel Street Insight APIs

Deliver Enriched, Open-Source Intelligence to Any Interface

Why Babel Street Insight APIs

Babel Street Insight APIs seamlessly integrate Open-Source Intelligence data into any environment with more control and configuration capabilities than any other platform.

Babel Street Insight APIs make it easy to deploy, manage, and distribute enriched Publicly Available Information (PAI) to any interface, including customer data lakes and internal applications. Capturing and using PAI effectively, especially across multiple languages and geographies, requires expertise and the right AI-enabled technologies. 

To capture and use the data effectively, modern organizations need to access it on their terms – quickly, accurately, and in context. Babel Street Insight APIs combine Babel Street’s proven, best-in-class enriched data across threat intelligence, identity and risk management, and alerting with the flexibility of readily available APIs.

Unleash the Full Power of PAI on Any Interface: Data-Driven Insights Delivered on Your Terms

This collection of APIs enables you to easily add enriched, multi-lingual data to existing apps and workflows, processing publicly available inputs in hundreds of languages ready to help you drive insights anywhere. 

The world’s most trusted brands augment existing applications and expand data sources to improve speed to insight and drive measurable results using this powerfully efficient solution.

Each API is designed to support specific needs for time-sensitive information derived from PAI with improvements that include sentiment analysis, violent intent detection, entity identification, and curation by topic or location. The current set of Insight APIs covers three major areas today and continues to expand.

  • Channels: Timely, Precise Situational Awareness with Local Perspective for Audiences Across the Globe  
    • The Channels API provides access to Babel Street’s curated collection of PAI-informed documents to provide real-time global situational awareness, focusing on a wide array of major news topics.
  • DocumentContinuously Integrate Extensive Data Sources to Make Data-Driven Decisions at Scale 
    • The Document API leverages Babel Street’s extensive data collection capabilities, processing hundreds of millions of top-level domains daily to retrieve an extensive array of data across a variety of publicly available locations. 
  • IdentityAdvance Security Operations with Automated, Accurate, and Comprehensive PAI 
    • The Identity API provides access to person-based public records data and related documents. 
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Big data PAI at your fingertips means you get the most comprehensive range of sources available in the market across the digital universe

Benefit 5

OOTB data standardization accelerates your data-driven decisions without losing time or data

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Plug and play, enriched data sets enable you to start analyzing quickly and easily with complete interoperability in existing systems

Proximity search

Precision intelligence distills millions of data points into prioritized insights

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Lower costs and efforts by providing a single source for data access, redundant organic collection capabilities, and managing collections

Decipher relevant insights across 200 languages line blue 2021 05 07 040112 hseh

Remove the language barrier by searching across hundreds of languages for relevant content without losing context 

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Three unique Insight APIs designed to support specific needs for time-sensitive information derived from PAI

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Draw directly from the world-class Babel Data Library for access to more than a billion top-level domains and commercially available sources