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Babel OASIS™

Automate entity enrichment and resolution at scale for more efficient risk management.

Why Babel OASIS

Babel OASIS is a AI-enabled solution for enrichment and entity resolution empowering teams to simplify manual procedures, scale to manage ever-growing numbers of identifiers and automate to eliminate ineffective searches.

Babel OASIS transforms a time-consuming, manual process into an automated, optimized workflow.

How It Works

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Discover a wealth line blue

Discover a wealth of data in a single point of entry

Utilize a consistent language line blue 2021 05 07 041927 nkdo

Utilize a consistent language and data-informed method for standardized results format

Enrich search parameters blue 2021 05 07 041934 pvhb

Enrich search parameters for reduced noise and improved results

Increase depth with automated checks line blue 2021 05 07 041943 gsjz

Increase depth with automated checks across 40+ domestic, international, and customer watchlists 

Decipher relevant insights line blue

Decipher relevant insights across 200+ languages using robust slang and vernacular dictionaries

Decrease human data entry time line blue 2021 05 07 042000 jwwx

Decrease human data entry time and errors

Reduce the risk line blue 2021 05 07 042009 abht

Reduce the risk of unanswered questions or missing critical information

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