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Babel Street Mobile App

Empower teams with on-the-go insights.

The Babel Street app empowers customers with up-to-date and on-the-go insights for topics and events that matter the most. Within the app, customers view existing Babel X collections and Babel Channels content.

Use of the Babel Street app requires an existing Babel X or Babel Channels subscription and login credentials.


Empower persistent search blue

Empower persistent search and discovery across multiple collections  

Be alerted line blue

Be alerted when significant events happen with advanced machine learning

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Decipher relevant insights from any language to any language with one-of-a-kind, linguistics technology

Maintain global situational awareness line blue 2

Maintain global situational awareness of unfolding events

Acceass 247365 line blue

Access 24/7/365 from an internet connection