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Match Identity

Reduce Risk with Fast, Accurate Name Matching

Rosette Match Identity is a fuzzy name matching solution for use by government and commercial organizations whose operations depend on correctly screening names.

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What Sets Us Apart

Unlock the power of global name matching

With Match Identity, you can achieve seamless cross-script and cross-language name screening, ensuring precise identification, improved data integrity, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Powerful apis Patented Two-Pass Approach

Achieve accuracy and speed with advanced fuzzy name matching algorithms that first quickly shortlist likely match candidates, and then intelligently score the query name against each candidate with precision AI.

Powerful apis Reduce False Positives and Manual Reviews

Minimize false alarms and add automation to name matching processes. Customers who switch to Rosette report up to a 90% reduction in false positives and an increase in overall productivity.

Powerful apis Real-Time Response; Infinitely Scalable

Rosette name matching algorithms provide real-time matching across massive data sets of over 100 million names, enabling the system to rapidly scale to meet demand.

Powerful apis Cross-lingual Name Matching

Cutting-edge algorithms match names across different scripts and languages, accounting for numerous linguistic and contextual factors — without compromising performance.

Powerful apis Accurately Match Novel Names

Go beyond simple string matching to achieve superior results — even with never-before-seen names.

Powerful apis Customize and Understand Match Results

Use Match Studio to easily tailor how you match names to conform with your policies and requirements — no code required. Understand match decisions with explainable AI.

How can we help you with name screening?

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Top Reasons Customers Choose Rosette

  • Checkmark svg Depth and breadth of global languages
  • Checkmark svg Flexible full stack or add-on solution, including air-gapped systems
  • Checkmark svg Specialization in identity
  • Checkmark svg Unique machine learning and AI
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Product Features

Match, tune, translate

Rosette Match Identity consists of two components — Name Indexer with Match Studio, and Name Translator — for a complete customizable and multilingual name matching solution.

Match Names and Tune Parameters

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Rosette Name Indexer compares names, dates, and addresses by applying 15+ match criteria to yield an intuitive confidence score. Match Studio allows users to see the effect of parameter changes in real time.

Translate and Transliterate

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Rosette Name Translator quickly, accurately, and consistently links names across different languages and scripts. By applying its embedded knowledge of language-specific naming conventions and sounds, it can decide when to transliterate or translate.

A person is using a laptop with a lot of icons on it
A person is using a laptop with a lot of icons on it
A person is using a laptop with a lot of icons on it



Customers report a 90% reduction in false positives



Real-time matching across 100+ million names



Lives saved by helping to thwart a liquid bomb plot



Daily watchlist checks

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How will you use Rosette Match Identity?

Discuss your name matching requirements with one of our experts.
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