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Unlock the Power of Text Analytics: Babel Street AI Modules

Now more than ever, government and commercial sectors are asking for ways to quickly and accurately make sense of the global, multilingual data that originates from disparate sources plus link that data to the people they interact with daily.

Organizations are caught between the immense volume of data and the resources available to mitigate these risks.

This challenge is what we call the Risk-Confidence Gap.

Closing the Risk-Confidence Gap with Babel Street data and analytics

At Babel Street, we understand the complexities of operating in a hyper-digital world where identity and risk threats loom large. To address this challenge, we've developed  Babel Street Insights, a cutting-edge solution equipped with advanced AI and data analysis tools designed to elevate your existing risk operations.

Our solutions empower organizations to navigate the intricate landscape of modern identity and risk operations through a structured approach: Collect, Enrich, Match, Analyze, and Score. We leverage the power of AI, specifically in the areas of name matching and text analytics, combined with natural language processing (NLP), to tackle the challenges presented by seemingly chaotic data.

Unmasking hidden insights

Babel Street excels in mitigating risk by uncovering concealed, obscured, or aggregated information within your internal data repositories, both at a global and local level, serving both government and commercial sectors. Our solutions offer a range of capabilities:

  • Identifying and Linking People of Interest: For financial institutions, government agencies, and border security agencies, understanding the individuals they interact with is paramount. This often involves watch lists and matching names, addresses, or organizations to a database. Language should never be a barrier. Occasionally, deeper insights are needed, which means linking people, organizations, locations, and even events.
  • Interpreting Large Amounts of Content: Voluminous data requires pre-filtering, categorization, and efficient search capabilities. Searching by meaning, rather than literal spelling, can reveal hidden information. Governments aim to gauge public sentiment, while businesses seek insights into customer opinions and product feedback.

Empowering data-driven decision-making

We've streamlined our feature modules to provide efficient pathways for achieving your goals. These modules allow customers to harness the wealth of global data and gain a competitive advantage.

Aligned with our vision to revolutionize high-stakes decision-making, our AI modules powered by Rosette Text Analytics represent a significant leap forward. They usher in a future where data-driven decisions are intuitive, transparent, and insightful, ultimately contributing to a safer and more efficient world.

Discover AI modules

Our streamlined modules are designed to simplify complex data processes, offering unparalleled efficiency, automation, and transparency in high-stakes decision-making. Let's explore the key modules:

  • Name Match: Achieve seamless cross-script and cross-language name matching with precision and improved data integrity. Our patented two-pass method utilizes 15 techniques for name matching, enabling real-time searches across hundreds of millions of names.
  • Text Analytics: Expand global operations and enhance customer insights with our patented method for detecting language boundaries in multilingual documents. Identify over 66 languages and gain in-depth understanding through NLP. Reveal hidden patterns and relationships in unstructured data. Extract valuable insights, resolve identities, and consolidate multiple mentions. Our modules come pretrained, with the option for no-code customization. Save time and make informed decisions by extracting relevant information and clarifying sentiments, topics, and multilingual semantics within analyzed content.

Experience enhanced decision-making

Babel Street's AI modules redefine how organizations and businesses harness data, mitigate risks, and gain a strategic advantage. We are committed to helping you close the Risk-Confidence Gap and make confident, data-driven decisions.

AI modules are robust and deliver:

  • Speed and accuracy: Rapid and precise results, enabling users to derive insights swiftly.
  • Unparalleled name matching: Explainable AI that provides customizable and fine-tunable name matching capabilities, reducing false positives, and increasing true positives.
  • Multilingual NLP: A broad range of global languages and NLP capabilities that identify languages, words, and sentences accurately.
  • Infinite Scalability with No-Code Scoring and Training Customizations: Effortless processing and analysis of vast amounts of text data with the flexibility to fine-tune and optimize analytics models without requiring extensive coding expertise.
  • Flexible Add-on Solutions: Compatibility with existing platforms and search engines like Elasticsearch. Works with any data input/output. If you want to improve your existing solution, Name Match can be added.
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