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Babel Street Data

At the Forefront of Decision Intelligence

Powered by our acquisition of Vertical Knowledge, our web data collection technologies and deep industry expertise deliver curated, dynamic, and purpose-built data that gives customers a distinct decision advantage from harvesting the hardest-to-reach global data sources.

Experience the Babel Street Data Edge

Superior Data Intelligence, Building on the Vertical Knowledge Legacy

  • Customized, Comprehensive Data: Datasets tailored to your needs, optimized for immediate business impact, outpacing traditional options
  • Flexible Solutions: Data products created to meet various analysts' skillset and technical delivery requirements
  • Diverse Coverage: Global data collections that span 95 countries and virtually every industry, including auto, locational whitespace, real estate, travel, retail, semiconductors, and more
  • Industry-Leading Expertise: Our decades of specialized experience drive an unparalleled understanding of evolving data needs
  • Robust, Scalable Infrastructure: Our mature, stable architecture enables efficient expansion to massive datasets across industries
  • Rich, Diverse Data Library: Providing insights across the widest and deepest array of industries, enabling customers to stay ahead of market trends and shifts
  • Secure Data Practices: Adherence to rigorous compliance standards and security regulations
  • Global Reach and Insight: Access to worldwide data sources provides comprehensive coverage for strategy and decision-making

Transform Your Data Strategy with Babel Street Data

Uncover Deeper Insights and Make Informed Decisions

  • Enhanced Data Models: Data science and research teams integrate Babel Street publicly available data into existing models for enriched analysis and insights.
  • Inform Your Decisions: Babel Street Data plays a crucial role in guiding investment strategies, identifying shifts in consumer behavior, and analyzing sentiment trends.
  • Complete Data Mosaics: Babel Street Data forms an essential part of comprehensive “Data Mosaics”, contributing to a holistic view of market and consumer landscapes.
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